In 1999 Shirley Chan and Louis Lam founded a Bridal Gowns and Haute Couture manufacture that not only reflects her livelong passion and love of fashion, but also celebrates the romance, sensuality and the most happiness day in a life.  Shirley Chan worked in a factory producing evening wear, wedding gown and bridal wear since 1991. She learn many invaluable knowledge of fashion as well as a chance to communicate with different customers the world over, which allow her to understand their needs, preferences and the market trend. Now a day, she strongly emphasizes the “CUT” and “CRAFTSMANSHIP” of the wedding gowns, because of it shows the silhouette of brides.  Shirley said: “different Brides have different needs and tastes for their wedding gowns.” She can understand what her customers needs and add in her design modernity wedding gowns. That ultimately inspired her to start her own business.   “Only by making the once- in –a life-time costume perfect can make all brides with great happiness and have a wonderful memory.”   In 2004, she staged her first fashion show in Hilton Hotel in Shanghai. Shirley Chan